Environmental Volunteer Work

Environmental Volunteer Work


Volunteering in environmental conservation is ideal for individuals who are looking to combine their love of the great outdoors and nature with a rewarding task. Activities like invasive species management, nature trail construction, cleaning up beaches and reforestations are a few examples of volunteer work that involves environmental conservation.

These activities are often physically demanding and very hands-on, as you may be required to spend long hours working outdoors. The upside is that you’ll gain a lot of valuable experience working alone or as part of a team while learning about topics like animal protection, endangered species management, environmental conservation, as well as getting to see the beauty of nature. Community charity also helps to transform local communities and members for their responsibilities and active commitment to social good.

Farm Work

Working on a farm is an excellent way to learn crucial life skills and rekindle your relationship with nature. Farms are always searching for fit and reliable volunteers to assist with tasks such as packing, picking, harvesting, repairs, building fences, feeding, and caring for animals.

Climate Change

With climate change continuing to have a negative impact on the planet – extreme weather, melting glaciers, and global warming – there’s never been a better time to volunteer for work that’s geared towards mitigating the effects of climate change.

Citizen science – the concept that any beginner can add value to the expanding collection of scientific data – is gaining more and more popularity. This concept is vital in climate change campaigns that can be done flexibly and independently, allowing you to work around your own schedule.

Animal Volunteer Work

Animal Care and Rescue

Animal orphanages are always looking for people to assist with animal care which entails performing behavioral training, playing with animals, walking dogs, feeding animals, and cleaning cages. Less physically demanding tasks like IT, accounting, social media, events, and fundraising are all examples of volunteer work that can be done remotely.

People who love animals may also consider training or fostering guide dogs or adopting orphan cats. This is work that involves caring for animals in your own home.

Another crucial volunteer activity involves rescuing and looking after injured animals like turtles, lizards, possums, and birds. This type of work may require you to have a vehicle so that you can collect injured animals and transport them to an experienced carer or veterinarian for evaluation.

Wildlife Conservation

As human settlements continue to grow, it’s crucial to protect animals living in their native habitats. Being involved in wildlife conservation activities could see you supporting efforts to rehabilitate elephants in Africa, safeguarding turtle eggs from predators in Central America, or counting penguins on a remote island in the Pacific.

There are also local communities that have wildlife conservation groups that study, observe and conserve local wildlife through weeding, cleaning, tree planting, and educational forums.

Social Volunteer Work


There are countless opportunities to become a volunteer tutor, both abroad and at home. With English still being a foreign language to many, there is always a need for volunteer English tutors in many parts of the globe.

Volunteering teachers are responsible for grading students’ assignments, administering tests, assigning tasks to students, preparing lesson plans, taking classes, and making learning a new language engaging and fun for both children and adults.

Volunteer teaching can also be done through the internet. This can be done by teaching school children in developing countries, having conversations with English students, or teaching children through online classes.

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