Benefits Of A Healthy Mouth

Benefits Of A Healthy Mouth

There are many benefits of having a healthy mouth.

The quality of our lives is highly dependent on our teeth. In addition to shaping our faces, teeth also play an important part in helping us speak clearly as well as mechanically breaking down food and assisting with digestion.

A great smile can also benefit our daily lives in a number of ways. A smile can have an impact on our relationships, careers, and social lives by giving us a confidence boost.

As such, it makes a lot of sense to take good care of our teeth by practicing good oral health.

There are numerous life-altering advantages of good oral health.

Our oral health, as well as that of our overall well-being, can improve as a result of a healthy smile – this can also boost our mindset and transform our visual appearance.

Good oral health has a variety of health benefits, including:

Maintaining Strong And Healthy Teeth

The risk of gum disease and tooth decay and other closely related diseases – which can lead to loss of teeth – can be significantly reduced by brushing teeth at least two times a day, making frequent visits to the dentist’s office, and maintaining a low sugar diet.

There is a strong link between the number of teeth we have and the length of our lives, according to research findings. Those with less than 20 teeth at the age of 70 have shorter lives than those with more teeth.

There is no reason why we cannot keep our teeth throughout our lives, as tooth loss caused by gum disease and dental decay is fully preventable by practicing a good oral health routine on a daily basis.

Disease Prevention

Bacteria from the oral cavity can make their way into the bloodstream when we have gum disease. This leads to the production of a protein that results in thicker blood. This can ultimately lead to a higher risk of a heart attack as thicker blood means that the heart does not get all the oxygen and nutrients it needs due to the formation of blood clots. If you are in need of root canal treatment then I recommend doing a Google search for something like ”root canal treatment near me

There is also a higher risk of stroke as blood supply to the brain is restricted due to inflammation of blood vessels caused by gum disease.

Gum disease also increases the risk of developing diabetes according to new research findings.

Lower Risk Of Dementia And Cancer

The risk of some types of dementia and cancers – especially in women – can be reduced by keeping our gums and teeth healthy.

Women between the ages of 54 and 86 were found to have a higher risk (14 percent more) of developing cancer if they had a history of gum disease, according to a study of 65,000 post-menopausal women in that age group.

Those who have suffered from gum disease for an extended period have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s as compared to those who have healthy gums – they are 70% less likely.

Healthy Child Birth

The risk of having a baby with low birth weight is lower among women with healthy gums, as their likelihood of having premature childbirth is 3 times lower. There is a 25% chance that a pregnant woman with gum disease could be forced to deliver before 35 weeks, according to research findings. The reason for this is that the chemicals that lead to the onset of labor can be increased by gum disease.

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