Most Essential Things To Have In Your HGV

Most Essential Things To Have In Your HGV

1. First Aid Supplies

This shouldn’t even have to be on the list given every driver legally needs to have it in their vehicles. You absolutely must have a first aid kit not only because it’s a legal requirement, but because it’s incredibly useful if you injure yourself while on the road. Even the most basic kits should have all of the pertinent accessories you need including bandages, sterile solutions and wipes, and even disposable gloves. Also, make sure you have your class 2 licence with you at all times.

2. Emergency Kit

You never know what’s going to be around the next turn when you are driving. This is why it’s so important having an emergency kit. You want a kit that is going to help you in emergencies. A custom kit should include different things that can help you escape trouble. These things include pliers, extra batteries, jumpers, and even a torch. You just want things that can help you should you need to deal with unexpected issues while out driving.

3. Things To Maintain Optimal Hygiene

You want to have all of the products that will help you while on the road. But you don’t want to negate your health and hygiene. Keeping yourself clean and in a clean environment is important. You also want to ensure you have things available that you can use to freshen up. Try to stock things like facial wipes, and facial sprays when you need to get refreshed. You also want to include things like an extra set of clothes for when you have to sleep in the truck and you want to get out of old and dirty clothes.

4. Comfort Items

As a truck driver, you better get used to spending the majority of your time in your cab. Because of this, you need to bring things in your cab that can make things much more comfortable. There are plenty of items that you can stash in your cab to make the place much more comfortable and enjoyable. These things can include sunglasses for blocking UV rays, air fresheners to keep the place smelling good, and even back support products for when your back inevitably starts to ache.

5. Road Safety Equipment

You need to maintain your safety while out on the road. Whenever you are driving any kind of vehicle, you want to have road safety equipment that can be used when your vehicle breaks down. As a truck driver, you will have to deal with a broken-down truck at some point. If you haven’t, it’s only a matter of time. Regardless, you want to have the equipment handy to make things safer while broken down. Try to incorporate cones to make your truck more visible at night. Also, you want to stash some other visibility equipment like a headlamp and even a high-visibility vest to keep yourself safe at night.

6. Some Tools

While you don’t necessarily want to be carrying around a complete toolkit with you day by day, you should try to stash at least a small one for when the little jobs crop up. Having versatile tools available to you can help you get certain things done when they need to get fixed. These things can include tightening little bolts here and there or even prying something open.

7. Equipment For Unloading and Loading

You will be spending a lot of your time and energy loading and unloading your vehicle. Because of this, you want to try to stash some equipment meant for the task in your vehicle. This is going to make it much easier for you to unload and load the truck without injuring yourself. You can include conveyors, wheels, dollys, boots, safety goggles, and even thick gloves.

8. Maps

You need to know where you are going. As a driver, you are in charge of getting your load from point A to point B. While there are GPS systems installed in vehicles and you can always use your mobile phone, you don’t want to rely on them solely. After all, you never know when they stop working. You could be in the middle of nowhere without service or battery. If so, you’ll want a physical map to guide you. Try to get a physical map of wherever you are going before heading out on your route.

9. Equipment For Food and Drink

Always try to bring as much water as possible on the road. You need to stay well hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated is key to keeping yourself healthy. You also want to ensure you bring something to keep healthy snacks an arm’s length away. You want to give yourself access to healthy snacks that you can munch on. Having nutritious snacks can keep you from eating too many unhealthy foods while driving.

10. Entertainment

Try to bring things that can help keep you well entertained. This is subjective. Because of this, you’ll want to include anything that could be used for your entertainment. It could be books or even a tablet. Bring stuff that can get your mind off things while you’re taking your breaks.

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