Reasons Why You Should Get Your Team out of the Office

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Team out of the Office

1. It Increases Job Satisfaction

Making sure that your employees are happy and have high job satisfaction not only motivates them to deliver their level best but also encourages them to stay loyal to the company. Consequentially, it helps to prevent absenteeism and allows you have a more motivated and productive team.

2. It Improves Loyalty

Studies show that companies with a low turnover rate can be four times as profitable as companies faced with frequent turnovers. A high turnover rate tends to affect the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations. Also, the cost of replacing a basic-level worker ranges between 30-50% of their annual salary and can be up to 400% for workers in upper management.

Planning corporate team-building activities outside the normal office setting helps to improve the employee-company relationship and increases employee satisfaction.

3. It Promotes Work-life Balance

Work-related stress decreased motivation, and not having enough time for family and personal life can take their toll on the employee causing them to want to change the company. Arranging fun and rewarding out-of-office team-building activities helps to break the routine, take their minds off stressful thoughts, and add fun to their day-to-day working life.

4. It Enhances Communication

The normal routine and standard communication channels among colleagues and teams can be quite restrictive. Sometimes, you may have someone you regularly communicate with but have never met in person. Being able to face a face on a name is important, especially when it comes to people you work with. When it comes to workplace relationships, non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. It is often difficult to deduce what a person is like through emails and phone calls.

Humans usually send out a lot of information through body language. Sending messages through emails and phone calls leaves out a lot of information and dehumanizes communication to an extent.

Workplace meetings are often formal, bound by rules, and there isn’t usually enough time or opportunities to get to know our colleagues better, However, out-of-office team-building activities help to build and strengthen one-on-one relationships.

You get to know the kind of situation your colleagues are in, what their interests are, and what kind of people they are. Getting to know each other better in an informal and fun setting helps to establish a foundation for stronger and more effective communication between people and teams in the workplace.

5. It Improves Teamwork and Collaboration

Besides helping to improve communication in the workplace, relating with other colleagues face to face in a casual and fun environment away from the office and normal routine makes it possible for you to approach and engage with each other in a more human way.

We get to see other people more as fellow humans and less as bosses or the positions they hold. This allows us to better understand their needs and empathize with them, which helps to improve our relationship. And as a result, they will be more open to working together and be more involved in collaborative projects.

While the most successful out-of-office team-building activities are fun, having fun is not the primary objective. Hire a corporate event management company to arrange such events to improve personal relationships between members of your team since, after all, they are the most crucial resource that your company has. When members of your team have a solid and strong relationship, they work more efficiently as a unit.

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