How are Drum and Barrel Pumps Used

How are Drum and Barrel Pumps Used

Drum and Barrel Pumps – Their Usage

In many industries, many applications need liquids to be transferred from one container to another. Acids, harsh chemicals, or fluids that are viscous, require o be transferred and this can only be done by special handling done through heavy-duty pumps. The technicians involved in such transfers do these tasks with the help of pumps, which can be drum or barrel types.

It is only in some applications that such drum and barrel pumps are suitable for use. These have a unique design that makes them an efficient and effective solution for these applications.

1. Portable Systems

The ultimate in pumping systems are drum and barrel pumps that are portable. They can transfer small quantities of fluids into containers, or pump out all the fluid from a plating tank, making for the high versatility and performance of drum and barrel pumps that are also easy to move.

As they are light in weight, they are ideally suited for going from application to application. Pumps that are powered by alternating current do not need to have any supply of high voltage power or any complicated switchgear. They are ready to work as soon as you plug them into a standard power outlet. Some units are air powered, but they will use smaller airlines than those that are used by other applications that are driven by air.

These air-powered pumps can be used very easily. You can immediately start using them once you have inserted the pump tube into the liquid that needs to be transferred. Once this pumping is completed, the tube has to be pulled out along with any residual fluids so that no liquids are trapped. You can then rinse the pump before moving it to the next application.

In any plant environment, you can easily move them from one location to another, and they are also well suited for use in the delivery of chemicals in small batches. For their size, they have a power that can be surprisingly powerful. Fluids can be quickly transferred with a great deal of efficiency from drums, barrels, IBCs, or totes that may be mounted on a vehicle into the storage containers that a customer has on a site.

Drum and barrel pumps are ideally suited for a whole range of applications, right from plating, anodizing, and water treatment to DEF/AdBlue. You can use them in food and beverage applications with pump models that have been made from FDA-compliant materials.

2. Quick Transfers

It is a win for any company when any operational aspect is completed efficiently and quickly. Technicians can transfer liquids quickly with the high flow as well as a delivery head that drum and barrel pumps have. Potentially, this can boost the production of products and improve a company’s ability to complete orders, because the number of deliveries has increased.

Any business that has a viscous liquid pump can derive many benefits from its use. Operations will go to the next level when quick transfers are made with these devices that are highly efficient.

3. Transfers of Harsh Chemicals

For the safe handling of substances that are harsh or highly corrosive, you require heavy-duty solutions. The equipment used for transferring chemicals needs to be up to the task. If the drum and barrel pumps are of the right design they can make it safe to transfer corrosives and acids from one container to another. This becomes essential for maintaining standards of safety, will mitigate risk, and lead to a minimization of pump repairs.

These applications can be used in electroplating, wastewater or water treatment plants, electronics, distribution of chemicals, odor control, aquariums, and processing of steel among others.

4. Noise Reduction

If noise level becomes a concern, drum and barrel pumps offer a compact and portable solution. They have a technology that produces lower decibel levels that cause less disruption in liquid transfers. You can even reduce the speed and thus the dBa level through the use of models that have variable speed motors.

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