Has Social Media Tired Of Slim Thick?

Has Social Media Tired Of Slim Thick?

Has slim thick peaked? If TikTok is to be believed then the answer is no. #slimthicc Currently has 328 million tags, that’s double what it was last year. It’s still definitely trending. However, is it still that ultimate when it comes to desirability? After all, social media is quick to move on to the next big thing. As summer progresses, Instagram posts are filled with people boasting of their ‘beach-ready’ bodies or the ultimate ‘bikini body’. So is Slim Tick just another way to body shame normal women? Or is it a step towards recognition of what a ‘normal’ body should look like?

Slim Thick – What is It?

The term describes a woman with a petite waist, gym-fit stomach, and rounded hips, bum, and thighs. They are considered physically fit and their bodies are firm. This body shape is considered aspirational (and achievable) – because of its focus on physical fitness and working out.

Is this History Repeating Itself?

The human body has been around for a good long time. So it may be that Slim Thick is a contemporary term – not a new body description. That Bombshell Hourglass figure was common on posters in the 1850s. The major difference is toning. While the ‘old School’ hourglass figure was all about those soft and voluptuous curves, Slim Thick is different, the emphasis is on being toned and muscular.

Is this a Fad?

Although Slim Thick emphasizes is toned and muscled is it actually more healthy than past trends? Some caution is in order. There have been fads that come and go. The waif, and the Playboy Bunny to mention only two. These trends have been at the root of an enormous amount of body dissatisfaction. Much of the way that we look is a result of our genes. Many people happened to live at the right time to have their bodies be the subject of admiration – but it is far better to be happy and healthy, rather than trying to overcome genetics and seeking a body shape that simply may not be achievable.

Strutting the Catwalk?

Think about the high street catwalk. Slim Thick may be a similar model. Most people wouldn’t dream of going down to the neighbourhood pub in a Vivienne Westwood creation. Then think about Slim Thick as represented by well-known personalities such as J-Lo and the Kardashian clan – it’s simply not reality. They use a variety of aids to get that look, such as shapewear to bring out their curves. Instagram images have been filtered and altered so that they have the greatest impact. These are people who could be likened to cartoon characters – the real-life version is far more achievable (and desirable) in our day-to-day lives.

Make the Most of Your Shapewear

If you are longing for the Slim Thick look, but also realize that you need to take those images with a generous pinch of salt, then make use of your shapewear foundation. It will provide temporary compression – and it’s a gentle and temporary entre into the world of Slim Thick. You can search through Google how to find ethical clothing brands.

Compression Skills

Those rich and famous who are claimants to the throne of Slim Thick still cinch their waists. Make use of high-waisted control briefs or even that old standby, the girdle. you can also try a corset. All will refine your waistline – and smooth out the line to your hips. Make the right choice in compression aids and one that suits your unique body shape – and suits the occasion. If you are going to need that compression over a longer period of time keep compression light – for that fabulous silhouette.

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