Here’s Why Windows are the Most Important Home Improvement

Here’s Why Windows are the Most Important Home Improvement

The Value of Windows

If the success of a home improvement project is determined by fulfillment, nothing brings more satisfaction than installing double glazing Guildford. Windows give our houses beauty, warmth, and light. They make us feel comfortable, even in the tiniest of rooms. You can think of a window as a small portal to the great outdoors that allows sound, air, and light to pass through.

What Daily Sunlight Can Offer You

Before deciding on which home improvement project you are going to pursue, it might be worth it to ask yourself what natural light can offer you. Natural light has an immense effect on mental well-being, improving both psychological and emotional health. A 1984 study reported that people who had large windows overlooking nature recovered quicker from surgery than those who got little or no sunshine at all. Recent studies show that exposure to sunlight can even slow neuron response to pain and discomfort.

Increased Productivity and Happiness

Many new office buildings put a lot of emphasis on natural lighting because research shows that workers are more productive and happier when there’s natural light in the workplace. Natural light promotes mental clarity, positivity, and the flow of energy. This principle also applies to our houses. Transforming a small kitchen window into a large window is a smart investment, not only for your property but for your health and well-being. Natural light promotes the production of vitamin D, which prevents feelings of anxiety and depression by producing natural mood enhancers and antidepressants like serotonin. With large windows, you get to enjoy all the benefits of natural light from the comfort of your home.

A Smart Investment

Data collected by shows that spending $10,000 on replacing your windows can increase the price of your home by about $8,500 which is an 85% return on investment. Furthermore, natural lighting is one of the best ways to lower your electricity usage and reduce your monthly power bill. Expanding your windows allows you to enjoy amazing lighting at no additional cost. Modern windows are more functional and energy-efficient than ever, paying for themselves via lower cooling and heating expenses.

Storm Window Benefits

Adding storm windows can prevent water and air leakage, which will safeguard your loved ones and property in the long run. They also insulate against outside noise, so if you reside in a noisy or busy neighbourhood, storm windows can be extremely beneficial. Modern windows can also be tinted to reduce exposure to sunlight, protecting your interior surfaces and furnishings from sun damage.

Security and Safety

Prepping yourself and your house for tough times is the best way to guard your property against intruders. Older lack modern security features and can therefore be easily unlocked, making it easier for an intruder to break in. Vulnerabilities, such as defective locks or thin glass, put your loved ones at risk. Improvements in technology have resulted in the invention of windows that offer high levels of security. Advanced locking mechanisms provide security from invaders and offer you peace of mind, regardless of where you are.

Keep the Weather Outside

Inefficient windows can leak and let water get into your home, which is a leading cause of mildew and mold in your house. For people who live in flood-prone cities, having sturdy weatherproof windows can protect your house, your family, and all the valuable belongings inside your house. Strong winds during storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes can shatter old windows and cause serious damage to your residence.

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