10 Essential things to keep in your HGV/truck

10 Essential things to keep in your HGV/truck

First aid supplies

This is a no-brainer because it is a legal requirement that HGV drivers need to observe. It is going to help when you or someone gets injured when driving. A good kit needs to have basics like sterile wipes, large dressings, medical disposable gloves, and plasters.

Emergency kit

When driving an HGV or a truck or doing HGV training, it is hard to know what is going to happen. You need to have the right emergency kit because it will help you in case something happens. Some of the things you might need include a torch, de-icer, batteries, jump leads, and handy tools like pliers.
Personal hygiene gear

The same way you have an aid kit in case of an accident is the same reason why you need to have personal hygiene gear for your personal hygiene daily. Have items like baby wipes, spare clothes, hand sanitiser, nail scissors, and a toilet roll.

Kit to keep you comfy

The cab of your truck or HGV very often becomes your home. this is why you should consider bringing along things that make you comfy. Things like sunglasses and a hand-held vacuum will make things easier for you as you spend time in the cab.

Road safety equipment

Your truck is going to break down at some point, and it is something that truckers usually keep in mind. It can happen at inconvenient times. This makes it important to have road safety kits when driving. Make sure you have cones and a high-vis jacket so you can be safe as you wait for help. You should also have a blanket to keep you warm as you wait for help.

A small set of tools

You don’t have to get a full toolkit, but you need to get a small one because it is going to help you with the small jobs. Having screwdrivers and a multi-tool Is going to help you when you need to tighten something that has become loose.

Unloading and loading kit

Apart from driving and sleeping, another important part of a trucking job is loading and unloading. You need to have the right kit so you can do this safely. Keeping this in mind, ensure you have goggles, sturdy boots, a hard hat, and gloves in your truck.


The goal of every truck or HGV driving job is to make sure the truck and driver get from point A to point B safely and on time. This is not as easy as it might sound, which is why you need to put in things that will help you do it. While your cab or mobile phone might have satellite navigation, there are times when they can fail. This is why you need to have a paper map you can use if something like that happens.

Food and drink equipment

You might put too much focus on your vehicle and forget about your health. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about your health because it is going to have a big impact on your driving and general health. You need to try your best to eat the right food, even though it can be challenging when you are on the road. Have a kit like an insulated lunch bag so your food remains fresh. If you are going for overnight trips, consider a portable cooking appliance.

Entertainment kit

You will be on the road for long hours driving an HGV. You also might have to wait around to pick up and drop off suppliers. Consider entertainment gear in your truck like magazines, books, and a smartphone/tablet so you can have something to keep you occupied and entertained when not driving.

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